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Ever Tried It Brewed?


Drinking Chocolate, Sipping Chocolate, Shaved Chocolate for Drinking, Grated Chocolate for Blending in warm milk — whatever it's called, it's not our grandmother's cocoa anymore. This is not about cocoa powder with most of the cocoa butter pressed out of it mixed into warm milk, it's thick and rich, and essentially deep, dark chocolate in liquid form. Now with far more flavor than sweetness, we want more of it than ever before, whether the temperature outside is soaring or plunging. We'll be seeing a greater abundance of chile-enhanced hot chocolates and drinking chocolates from small local chocolate makers as well.

Also expect more hot chocolate experiences derived from the coffee world. Two of the most recent entries in the morphed chocolate/coffee realm include "brewed chocolate" from Cabaret which is essentially a syrup made from "brewed" whole raw cacao beans (the beans are water-brewed to extract flavor, similar to coffee) and sweetened with organic evaporated cane juice. The product, which is already selling in limited markets, is positioned as a "whole bean beverage" with the wholesome benefits of "20 beans in every serving". Another organic twist on the chocolate and coffee affinity is "Choffy" — ground roasted cacao beans that can be brewed in standard auto-drip, French Press or espresso machines. Choffy is currently selling online and via network marketing.

One of the latest pieces of home kitchen equipment to hit the craving list is a Home Hot Chocolate Dispenser. These handy little machines bring home the authentic cafe experience of drinking chocolate by heating, whipping and blending milk and chocolate into a frothy, easily dispensed hot chocolate.