Joan's Top Ten Chocolate Market Trends


Ethical, Pure & Sustainable


We want authenticity, traceable origins and natural ingredients, preferably LOCALLY made in America. Socially conscious chocolate lovers choosing to make the world a better place are seeking chocolate bars and confections that offer more than just good taste.

Companies and brands that demonstrate strong eco-friendly practices and direct farmer support have become as meaningful as an organic and/or fair trade label.

Strategic alliances and partnerships between chocolate companies and organizations dedicated to social, economic, and environmental sustainability such as that between Bloomsberry & Co. and TerraPass Inc. can offer chocolate aficionados measurable results with the purchase of each chocolate product (in this case, each chocolate bar). So far, in less than a year and a half, the Climate Change Chocolateā„¢ bar, created to help the fight against global warming, has already helped offset more than 80,000 days of carbon emissions, or enough carbon offsets to equate to nearly 220 years of the average American's carbon footprint, roughly the equivalent of 11,200 barrels of oil. In addition to a carbon offset for the amount emitted by a typical American in one day, the purchase of each chocolate bar also comes with 15 tips on how to reduce your carbon footprint.

The World Cocoa Foundation, founded in 2000 to "promote a sustainable cocoa economy through economic and social development and environmental conservation in cocoa growing communities" is supported by member companies and public private partnerships like the Melinda and Bill Gates Foundation. WCF has developed and managed a number of on-the-ground programs to help ensure responsible cocoa farming, including fighting against crop loss and improving farming practices, helping farmers earn more for their cocoa crops, improving the quality and health of the cocoa trees, introducing farmers to more environmentally friendly farming methods, in addition to education for children in the cocoa farming communities. WCF continues to make significant improvements in the lives of cocoa farmers and cocoa farming communities, and to date, WCF-supported programs have helped train more than 300,000 cocoa farmers in West Africa, Latin America and Southeast Asia.

Sustainable packaging, and donating a percentage of profits to worthy causes also supports product, brand, and company "purity" and integrity of purpose.

"Keep it real" is how we feel about our world and our chocolate. A greater abundance of chocolate choices than ever before is providing us with a totally new meaning for pure pleasure as we choose to effect a greater ethical role in our future as stewards of our earth.