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Fairytale Brownies

TRUE TO THE TRENDS OF PURITY & LOCAL INGREDIENTS. Fairytale Brownies, launched in 1992 by childhood friends, Eileen and David, with Dave's Mom's 50-year-old family brownie recipe, is thriving as a catalog business. Fairytale has just launched their signature take on a morphed brownie and truffle. Deep, dark, and decadently sweet fudgey and chocolaty, three popular flavors of bite-sized brownies are drenched in dark chocolate and topped with a little signifying garnish. Traditional chocolate walnut, caramel and raspberry swirl " Fairytale Truffles" are now available in boxed sets of nine for direct ordering, and in sheet pans for Bakery and Foodservice. True to the trends of purity and local ingredients, all Fairytale brownies are all-natural, and feature farm-fresh local eggs and creamery butter, and despite a recent move to a 26,000 square foot office and factory, each batch of the more than two and a half million brownies baked each year is still baked by hand.

I'm fortunate enough to have visited the original Fairytale kitchens in their signature purple glory, and one of my most memorable experiences there was closing my eyes to revel in the rapture of fresh-baked brownie crusts — or "trim" as it is politely called. Fairytale trims these exquisitely altogether chewy, crusty and fudgy edges to ensure that their brownie squares are uniformly fudgy. I loved the warm crusts possibly even more than the finished squares, as the textural contrast of chewy edge and moist middle was even more pronounced straight-from-the-ovens. I actually ended up shipping the contents of my small suitcase home in a FedEx box so I could fill the suitcase with two bags of brownie crusts.

When the new Fairytale facility opened, I was lucky enough to be in town at our annual NCA State of the Industry event, and along with friends and colleagues attended their opening gala. I even won a raffle prize of a huge gift box filled with brownies, dessert sauces, drinking cocoa and coffee. And my three confectionery industry companions all won too — Steve Forster, publisher of Candy Business and Professional Candy Buyer magazine, solicited the band playing at the event to play at the House of Blues for the All Candy Expo in Chicago, Ross Born, then NCA Chairmanm and co-CEO of Just Born was delighted to find Just Born's Hot Tamales in all the vending machines at Fairytale, and Teresa Tarantino, editor-in-chief and associate publisher of the two publications, enjoyed sharing a few of the brownies with me.