Sneak Peek


Adam Smith: Fog City News

Adam Smith is a chocolate mecca trailblazer, and I feel honored and humbled to be his friend. Walking into Adam's store, Fog City News in San Francisco is like entering the chocolate equivalent of a very serious wine collector's cellar. The fact that the incredible boutique also carries the largest inventory of magazines in the Bay Area and my favorite collection of chocolate-themed cards in the country (that I proudly display as art in my office) are further testament to Adam's diligence, passion and commitment to finding and showcasing the best of the best. I consider Adam an exceptionally astute taster and his database of tasting notes on every single chocolate item he carries is legendary, as is the fact that nearly every major chocolatier and up-and-coming chocolate artisan has approached Adam to make an appearance at the store and mingle with chocolate fans.

On a recent one-day business trip to San Francisco, I ran down Market St. to Fog City News, and arrived an hour after it had closed. Of course, I still knocked on the door — okay fervently pounded, all the while peering inside, hoping to find Adam still there. Sure enough, shaking his head, yet flashing his signature welcoming smile, he opened the door and greeted me with a hug, and for the next 45 minutes, asked my opinion on some new salted peanut butter caramels as we exchanged news and views on bars, people, and happenings in our chocolate world. Adam is as hard-working and supportive of the chocolate world as any chocolatier today. I have no doubts that had I shown up at his door hours before opening, he would have been there greeting me much the same.