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How To Adapt A Snack Line for Launch in the US


Launch a line of salty snack products targeted primarily to first and second generation Hispanics and secondarily to young American Gen X and Gen Y hipsters


° Evaluate, select, adapt and upgrade the most popular salty snack products in Mexico for launch in the U.S. market

° Provide in-depth US snack market and consumer trend analyses, product positioning concepts and segmentation reports

° Conduct extensive sensory evaluations on all proposed products and provide comparative analysis against competitive set; recommend all product adaptations, provide ongoing sensory feedback on adaptations and new recommended flavor profiles to optimize the line for U.S launch.

° Balance original product concepts and flavor profiles with consumer trends and tastes to maintain authenticity, yet simultaneously, build strong brand appeal for second generation Hispanics with long-term potential for crossover mainstream American target

° Create brand positioning and packaging design concept, write packaging copy and rename products to effectively communicate positioning, unique benefits and broaden base of appeal to Hispanics and mainstream American market

° Develop powerful brand slogan to appear on all packaging, P.O.P., in-store displays, merchandising and all materials for launch


Highly successful salty snack line launch in U.S. market, with significant market share gained from primary market leader and $100 million in product sales achieved in a 7-year period. Currently, this product line leads the Hispanic market segment in this category.


I have worked with Joanie for over a decade with solid results. We have done 2 big-time projects in different companies and eventually came down to the same pattern. Success. She balances beautifully her technical abilities in flavor profiles with her natural talent of being extremely creative and a brilliant strategist. I also admire her passionate desire to win and create the best. Together aligned with different teams, we have produced over +$100 million in sales in a decade!

Intelligent Mexican Marketing
Former CEO, Multimillion dollar snack and candy company

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